Spill control vacuums - air powered and electric

For rapid spill control an air powered or electric spill vacuum can clean up the mess in moments. Spill control vacuums offer an effective method of vacuuming up all types of spills from oil to fuels to chemicals. All Spillrite spill control vacuums provide;

  • Fast spill recovery
  • Industrial strength vacuums
  • Air supply required from as low as 30 cfm up to 300 cfm for large spills
  • Spill vacuums can recover flammable fuels and oils
  • Spill vacuums can recover chemicals
  • Spill vacuum can vacuum fluids with soilds suspended in them
SPAV-SS-EX-wet-and-dry500 This stainless steel air powered vacuum can recover standard oil spills or flammable fuels when confiugured as an explosion proof model.
 Spill-control-vacuum2  Spill control vacuums are fast and effective.
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