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The Spillrite pneumatic drum pump is the next generation of pneumatic drum vacuum pump made famous by the Vacteck Dragin pump. Spillrite now manufactures the dragin pump style of pneumatic vacuum pump in a more robust and powerful model. With much less sound signature than the old Dragin pump the new Spillrite pneumatic Drum Pump is a welcome addition to the range of air powered vacuums.

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Drum Pump 40

The pneumatic drum pump is designed to screw into a 55 gallon/44 gallon drum turning it into a powerful vacuum cleaner. This vacuum pump evacuates the air inside the drum when the compressed air is attached and then allows this drum pump to suck up all of your oil, chemical, fuels, diesel, water, bilge, mud and all solids suspended in fluid.


The Spillrite pneumatic drum pump is a pneumatic drum vacuum pump. It is powered by compressed air and turns your old steel drum into a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner. 


Simply screw the drum pump into the drum and then screw the camlock set into the second larger bung, attach your suction hose then you are ready to vacuum up all types of fluid and solids suspended in fluid. A low cost and powerful vacuum system for your old steel drum.

The Spillrite pneumatic drum pumps come in many different configurations using as little as 20 cfm up to 40 cfm for the more powerful sludge pumps. They can also be configured as a reverse two way drum pump and anti-static for flammable fluids. 

The Spillrite pneumatic drum pump when in reverse has a unique design that prevents the drum from over pressurising. Completely safe as all pressure is releazsed through the throat of the venturi and out the exhaust.