Explosion Proof Vacuum

Explosion proof vacuum and explosion proof vacuums are generally most effective when they are air powered as there are no heat generating sources or ignition sources.

Vacteck and Spillrite design and manufacture a range of explosion proof air powered vacuums for many companies and industries. The Australian Defence department choose our range of vacuums for their facilities right around Australia and our vacuums have NATO certification.

Now certified with the Australian Defence Force and with NATO forces worldwide as the choice for anti-static explosion proof vacuum system.

ADF order number:     N Cage number ZOJH2

Nato Stock Code number: NSN 7910-66-158-5157    (Vacuum cleaner pneumatic)

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Explosion Proof Vacuum - the original Jumbo Dog 180/130 wet dry vacuum fitted with a HEPA exhaust system is an all round pneumatic vacuum. This unit can be powered by 60 cfm right up to the high powered versions consuming 200 cfm.

The original Jumbo Dog 180/130 explosion proof vacuum may look slightly odd but the Australian Defence department have bought quite a few of these units and other styles due to their robust nature and the fact the we can design and build them to specific explosion  proof requirements. Fitted with a HEPA exhaust and twin recovery tanks for both wet and dry, the Jumbo Dog ticks all the boxes in power, safety and versatility.

  The spillrite 200 AS Drum Top Vac explosion proof vacuum configured as a 200 cfm unit with 50mm suction hose and fittings.

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Explosion Proof Vacuum

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