55 gallon drum pump

Two way drum pump and vacuum-Reversible Drum Vac fit on top of 55 gallon drums or Australian 205 litre drums.

The Spillrite Two way 55 gallon drum pump reversible drum vac can fill up a 205 litre 55 gallon steel drum in under 90 seconds using the smallest system in the range. The 28 cfm model is the lowest air consumption in the 55 gallon drum pump range. The unique design of the reverse system means it is impossible to over pressurise the drum as the excess pressure is released through the exhaust. With no moving parts there are no springs that can be jammed and cause the system to break or worse, over pressurise the drum with catastrophic results. The Spillrite system uses larger vacuum intakes than the competing models which provide superior power. With a mild steel silencer shroud installed on the drum lid the whole power unit is protected and offers advanced silencing without taking away from the suction power.


The new vacuum intake tube which is used in the 55 gallon drum pump can be seen in the image to the left. The large black intake is how we now do it. The smaller chrome one is how we used to do it. The new larger one dramatically increases the air flow and power which means the reversible drum pump can now be used as an effective rapid spill control vacuum. The old style used to screw into the 20mm bung in the steel drum lid. We now build the unit and install it straight onto the lid itself. 

The new benefits of this style are;

  • Higher air flow = stronger vacuum
  • Larger intake = more air and vacuum mean it is effective in both spill and tank cleaning
  • The units can now come in 28,48,100 and 180 cfm
  • Many more applications can now be tackled with the hugh power of the Drum Lid Vac - Reversible 55 gallon drum vacuum pump.
  • Vacuum up spills in seconds. The 28 cfm model can fill a 205/44/55 drum in under 90 seconds. 
    1. Drum Lid Vacis a high powered industrial vacuum that comes on a standard steel drum lid. When attached to the drum and then compressed air it utrns the drum into an ultra high powered vacuum capable of deliverimng 3 times the suction power of an ordinary electric vacuum.

    The range starts with the 28 cfm unit that is designed for coolant, sump oils, sludge, general spill, water and slurry and turns your 55 gallon drum into a powerful vacuum. using only 28 cfm of compressed air this model is a cheap entry into the power of the drum lid vacuums.

    The top of the range is the 180 cfm explosion proof reverse pump out version powered by twin venturis and incorporating a design that releases pressure through the venturi sleeve to prevent any over pressurisation during reverse pump out.

    All reversible units ship with the following;

    1. 205/55 gallon drum lid
    2. 205/55 gallon drum lock ring
    3. Internal pump out tube
    4. Powder coated silencer shroud
    5. Ball valves installed
    6. 3 metres of suction hose
    7. Wand and floor tool
    8. Vacuum pump/s installed in lid



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