Compressed Air Vacuum Cleaner

Spillrite Vacuums Australia manufactures a wide range of compressed air vacuum cleaners for industrial waste applications. Whether your requirements are for wet compressed air vacuums or a combination of wet and dry compressed air vacuum cleaners we can solve your iundustrial waste cleanup problem.

The vacuum unit below is a compressed air vacuum cleaner designed torecover hazardous and combustible dust. This unit has a cyclonic separator attached to a stainless steel waste canister. When supplied with compressed air the vacuum cleaner can safely recover combustible dusts and powders like coal dust.

Compressed Air Vacuum model: SPAV100SS/EX/CYC

AV60SS trolley vacuum cyclone1000

Spillrite explosion proof compressed air vacuum cleaners are safe for use in hazardous situations for control of combustible dusts and most flammable fluids. Our compressed air vacuums do not create any arcing or sparks or generate any heat through normal operation.

Explosion proof vacuum cleaners particuarly when powered by compressed air provide the highest safety rating and are intrinsically safe. As the vacuum power is created through the venturi principle and there are no moving parts, there is no friction or heat created in the process.

Spillrite Australia has been approved to supply Explosion Proof vacuums to the Australian Defence Department and Airbus Group Australasia.


Explosion proof anti static vacuums for use in all explosion risk areas including Zones 1 and 2 (Gas) and 21 and 22 (Dust).

One of Spillrites most popular Explosion Proof Compressed Air Vacuum Cleaners is the SPAV/EX, Spill Control Air Vac Explosion Proof. This air powered explosion proof drum lid vacuum attaches to a steel drum and turns the drum into a powerful wet only explosion proof vacuum. The unit below has been fitted with a HEPA filter system to ensure the exhasut air is filtered down to 0.3 microns @ an efficiency of 99.99%.
Compressed Air Vacuum model: SPAV100SS/EX/HEPA