Combustible metal dust air vacuum - HEPA filter ATEX certified

Spillrite manufactures a wide range of intrinsically safe explosion proof vacuums that are ATEX certified and suitable for the vacuum recovery of combustible metal dusts. Due to the toxic and hazardous nature of the metal dusts most companies require mitigation for the workers and require a HEPA filtration package with the vacuum.

Spillrite model RDTV/200/CYC/HEPA shown below has the followig features;

  • ATEX cerified for combustible dust
  • Reverse filter cleaning
  • HEPA filtration on the exhaust
  • Cyclonic separation for long running times
  • Anti-static dry filter cartridge
  • Anti-static suction hose
  • Anti-static fittings
  • Dual drum setup
  • Platform trolley
  • Complete grounding of the system for explosion proof categoriesHEPA CYC 205 RDTV text

Back view of the RDTV with cyclone and HEPA filtration for the recovery of combustible metal dust. The vacuum has the HEPA filtration on the exhaust as this allows a much more efficient operation and prevents the vacuum from choking due to the quick build up of particles on the filter on the suction side.

HEPA RDTV CYC backview