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Our range of air operated drum pumps and drum vacuum pumps can be used in most industrial applications. Australian designed and manufactured with total backup and support, our drum pumps start from the low air usage 20 cfm model that screws into the small 20mm bung in a closed or open top 44/55/205 steel drum. The Spillrite drum pump is now the 5th generation of this successful pump. With low air consumption and incredible power read what one of our customers has to say about them;


Several months back I researched air operated vacuums to expedite the process of cleaning out spill containment manholes attached to underground fuel storage tanks, here in the US. I already had a unit I purchased the first of the year from a competitor that I was fairly happy with, or so I thought. It is large, fairly cumbersome, and requires a special adapter to fit on a 55 gallon drum. The adapter simply rests on top of the drum meaning the vac, along with the adapter has to be removed every time we change locations, then the drum lid has to be put on to keep the fluid from escaping in transit. When we arrive at out next stop the process is reversed. This unit cost me around $1700 US dollars. The vac operation is a little finicky, but overall it gets the job done.
I emailed back and forth with you, and, with your help I finally decided on the 20 cfm Drum Pump. The cost, complete, was around $600 US dollars. This unit is powered by a much smaller air compressor that cost $2000: half as much as the compressor needed to power the other vac.
The Drum Pump 20 cfm arrived in only a few days from when I ordered it. My first reaction was \"uh oh...this vacuum is way too small to be able to do what I require.\". It is probably 1/10th of the size of my other vac. I mounted the vacuum in the 3/4\" opening of my drum and attached the hose to the 2\" opening, then hooked it up to the air compressor. I gave it a test run using a 5 gallon bucket filled with water. I couldn\'t believe it. The Drum Pump 20 cfm sucked up all that water in a matter of seconds. I did it 4 more times just to make sure I wasn\'t dreaming. I\'ve been using the Drum Pump 20 in the field now for several months and am completely satisfied with it. It has the suction power to get the job done. It adapts to the existing lid on a 55 gallon drum so now I only have to change out lids once or twice a week instead of 7 times a day.
So pleased am I with this unit that I ordered two new pumps  just this morning!
Best regards,

Kip Broadfoot
Charles Broadfoot & Associates, Inc.

Underground storage tank management services

1623 Brookside Avenue

Fayetteville, NC 29305


First of all I want to express my complete satisfaction with the Drum Pump 20 (explosion proof) that I ordered from you a couple of months ago. I have to admit when the unit arrived I had my doubts. It is so small! I operate it with a 17 cfm air compressor and it does a great job! I use it to clean out spill containment manholes associated with underground fuel storage tanks, here in the States. Tight quarters as the photos show, however I can clean one out in about a minute. I've attached a photo of one of the spill containment manholes after I've cleaned it using the Drim Pump 20.

Rob I have a need for another of your vacuums. Let me outline the requirements and see if we are thinking along the same lines here.

I have a 44 cfm air compressor, at 175 psi, gas engine operated, and mounted on a trailer. The application will be the same as above: cleaning out spill containment manholes associated with underground fuel storage tanks. I'm usually sucking water, a fuel and water mix or just straight fuel. When we visit a site for the first time we usually find the liquid along with an accumulation of dirt (mud) and leaves from years of neglect, (all of which is wet). After our initial visit we usually just find the liquid with a very small amount of dirt. My thoughts are that I need a more powerful pump, adapted for explosion proof operation. Do you agree or do you have something you think will serve my needs better?

Rob, If you could quote me on the 40 cfm pump or what you consider to be suitable, I would appreciate it!

Best regards,

Kip Broadfoot

Charles Broadfoot & Associates, Inc.


Drum pump air powered 20 cfm vacuum only for fluids, coolant, sump oil, bilge, muds and grease. The Spillrite Drum Pump 20 cfm is a vacuum pump that turns your old steel drum into a powerful vacuum. This low cost solution is ideal in factories and workshops or on oil rigs for the rapid recovery of fluids. Fills a 200 litre drum in under 90 seconds. High powered and safe. Powered by 20 cfm of compressed air. These pumps have a silencer fitted which reduces the sound signature considerably. The pumps automatically shut-off when the drum fills up with fluid.

The unit comes with 3 metres of 32mm hose and all attachments for drum.



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