Two way vacuum pump

Spillmaster two way vacuum pump 30/60 - 30 cfm pneumatic. The range of air powered two way vacuum pumps start at 20 cfm air usage right up to 200 cfm air usage. Two way vacuum pumps can be connected to steel drums turning them into powerful industrial vacuum cleaners or they can be attached to steel hoppers like the Spillmaster two way vacuum pump system.


The Spillmaster two way vacuum pump 30/60 Reverse Pump Out is ideal for offshore oil rigs, drilling platforms, emergency response units and any industry that needs a high powered spill response vacuum that is air operated and intrinsically safe in hazardous environments. The reverse pump out system is incorporated into the unit an has an inbuilt pressure relief system that prevents any chance of exploding the vessel.


Spillmaster SPO rear

Air operated two way vacuum pumps with no electrical components are suitable for all explosion risk areas including Zones 1 and 2 (Gas) and 21 and 22 (Dust).


The Spillmaster two way vacuum pump 30/60 consumes between 28-35 cfm or air and can handle hose lengths between 10-20 metres.

All units can be modified to consume up to 75 cfm or air and this can increase the suction hose length to 35 metres.


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