Drum Lid Vacuums - vacuum pump. All industrial spill and wet waste

  1. Drum Lid Vac is a high powered industrial vacuum that comes on a standard steel drum lid. When attached to the drum and then compressed air it turns the drum into an ultra high powered vacuum capable of delivering 3 times the suction power of an ordinary electric vacuum.

The range starts with the 28 cfm unit that is designed for coolant, sump oils, sludge, general spill, water and slurry. using only 28 cfm of compressed air this model is a cheap entry into the power of the drum lid vacuums.

The top of the range is the 180 cfm explosion proof reverse pump out version powered by twin venturis and incorporating a design that releases pressure through the venturi sleeve to prevent any over pressurisation during reverse pump out.



357-as This old style drum vacuum pump was the way we used to do it. The problem was they were very noisy and had limitations with the small float valve assemby which would prevent the necessary air volume being achieved. The amount of complaints from customers due to the high noise meant we needed to rethink the design. The new Drum Vac Lids with the yellow hoods have advanced silencer baffles and a much large internal intakes under the hood which gives much more powerful thrust. With the options of single or twin venturis, the new 2013 models provide super power and a very low sound signature. The Super Dragins sound signature is around the 90-100 dBa range where the new Spillrite Drum Vac Lids operate below 80 dba with no loss of power.


All drum vac lids come with the following standard inclusions;

  • High quality powder coated 2mm steel shroud
  • Automatic shut off float valves
  • 3 metres of hose
  • Internal drop pipe for pump out models
  • Wand and squeegee
  • All fitting for drum lid
  • Ball valve
  • Reverse ball valve (RPO models only) 
  • Anti static earth strap (EX models only)
  • Lid (205) and lock ring
  • Instruction sheet


We use high quality standard fittings. Each Drum Lid Vac has a 5 year warranty on the power unit. 


 We use high quality European ball valves, hose and clamps.

16 models to choose from;

The first 4 are the basic units using 28 cfm of compressed air. Great for coolant, sumps, water and basic pump outs.




28 CFM

  • SPDLV28 - RPO  - Reverse Pump Out                          $1090
  • SPDLV28 - EX    - Explosion proof                               $1190
  • SPDLV28 - EX/RPO   - Explosion proof/Reverse       $1290

 The following uint needs 48 cfm of comperessed air and will have a much faster pick up rate than the 28cfm. If you have more available compressed air than the basic 28 cfm then consider this unit or the ultra high powered twin venturi models.




48 CFM

  • SPDLV48 - RPO  - Reverse Pump Out                          $1190
  • SPDLV48 - EX    - Explosion proof                               $1290
  • SPDLV48 - EX/RPO    - Explosion proof/reverse       $1390

 Both the 100 and 180 cfm units are powered by twin venturis which bring a whole new dimension to spill control. The dual power delivers high vacuum and high air flow for ultra fast pick up and under the hood grunt.






100 CFM

  • SPDLV100 - RPO  - Reverse Pump Out                        $1590
  • SPDLV100 - EX    - Explosion proof                              $1690
  • SPDLV100 - EX/RPO   - Explosion proof/Reverse      $1890

 When compressed air is not an issue the 180 cfm unit is the big daddy and delivers impressive performance. Massive suction and massive air flow. 30+ metre suction hoses using 50mm is possible.






180 CFM

  • SPDLV180 - RPO  - Reverse Pump Out                        $1690
  • SPDLV180 - EX    - Explosion proof                              $1790
  • SPDLV180 - EX/RPO   - Explosion proof/Reverse     $1990


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