Concrete dust vacuum - air operated

The DTV260C is a specialised concrete dust vacuum system that combines a cyclonic separator to enhance performance. This unit is air operated and can be supplied with 4 models;

    • 100 cfm concrete dust vacuum - 38mm suction hose by 7-10 metres   code: DTV100C
    • 180 cfm concrete dust vacuum - 38-50 mm suction hose 10-15 metres  code: DTV180C
    • 260 cfm concrete dust vacuum - 50 mm suction hose 20 metres  code: DTV260C
    • 300 cfm concrete dust vacuum - 50 mm suction hose 25-30 metres  code: DTV300C



Units can be supplied with a Drum Hopper easy waste removal trolley.



  1. Pneumatic power head - 80 -260 cfm
  2.  Air connection valve
  3.  Drum for vacuum - 60 litre or 200 litre
  4.  Hopper drum tray 65cm x 65cm
  5.  Solid  castor wheels (two have brakes)
  6.  Heavy duty 38/50 mm suction hose
  7.  Floor squeegee tool
  8.  Forklift Tines
  9.  Wide front waste trap for easy waste removal
  10.  200 litre hopper dum
  11.  Galvanised lid for cyclonic separator
  12.  Suction hose connection for cyclone
  13.  Power connection port on cyclone
  14.  Power connection hose from pneumatic power head


All of the pneumatic dust control vacuums have the option of reverse pulse filter cleaning.

The power of this system comes from the pneumatic powerhead which supplies compressed air to the explosion proof twin venturi's that are sitting attached to the galvanised steel lid under the yellow silencer hood. The sound signature is between 89-95dB depending on the internal baffles uses. The more power required the thinner the baffles used which slightly increases the sound signature.

The reverse filter cleaning can be activated by disconnectiing the power hose from the DLV unit to the cyclone drum. Then attaching the compressed air line to the second (yellow) air fitting and then turning the ball valve. This supplies compressed air into the reverse jets that blast compressed air through the filter from the inside. Fitting a dust bag on the suction intake of the DLV drum will capture most of the expelled dust from the filter.

The unique design of the reverse venturi's means that the drum cannot over pressurize when in reverse mode. Pressure is released though the throat of the ventuirs and the exhaust ports.

  1. Pneumatic drum vacuums are powered by compressed air, they do not use electricity
  2. There are no moving parts to wear out, cause friction or create a spark
  3. Can be used in both wet and dry applications
  4. Designed and manufactured in Australia
  5. 4 times the power of electric vacuums
  6. Huge 5 metre water lift
  7. 5 year warranty
  • We build to order and ship within 3-5 business days 
  • The concrete dust vacuum system comes with many options including a hesavy duty alloy trolley, 2 x 205 heavy duty steel drums, 10-20 metres of suction hose, anti-static fittings if required and several air consumption models.

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