Pneumatic stainless steel vacuum

Spillrite manufactures a wide range of air powered pneumatic vacuums in stainless steel. With compressed air consumption levels ranging from 100 cfm up to 260 cfm these vacuums are both robust and extremely effective as both wet and dry vacuum solutions.

The Reverse Drum Top Vacuum is the top of the line heavy duty corrosive resistant pneumatic vacuum unit, suitable for all marine environments.


  1. Stainless steel SS304 fittings
  2. Alloy silencer
  3. Alloy suction intake
  4. Stainless steel suction port
  5. Stainless steel SS304 metal sheet
  6. Filer cartridge with alloy mesh

The drum top vacuum sit on top of a standard steel drum (all worldwide sizes 44/55/205) and turns the drum into a powerful industrial wet and dry vacuum.


  • Reversible drum vacuums provide the following advantages;
  1. Pneumatic drum vacuums are powered by compressed air, they do not use electricity
  2. There are no moving parts to wear out, cause friction or create a spark
  3. Can be used in both wet and dry applications
  4. Designed and manufactured in Australia
  5. 4 times the power of electric vacuums
  6. Huge 5 metre water lift
  7. 5 year warranty
  • We build to order and ship within 3 business days 
  • The drum Top Vacuum comes in many different models and power settings. The following unit has reverse filter cleaning.
  • RDTVM-SS-RFC-stainless-steel-vacuum
  • View stainless steel drum top vacuums
  • The unit has two air connections on the rear of the vacuum. The blue valve is for vacuum and the yellow is for reverse filter cleaning. Once the compressed air is connected to the yellow valvbe and activated the compressed air is directed into the the inside of the filter cartridge and blast the built up dust, powders and dry waste from the outside of filter into the drum and helps to let the vacuum breath again and perform at the highest efficiency rate.
  • The SPAV (spill control air vacuum) and the HEPA trolley vacuum are also models from Spillrite that uses stainless steel for the structure of the unit.
  • Cyclone-trolley-vacs
  • SPAV-SS-Explosion-proof550
  1. Alloy silencer
  2. Chrome wand 
  3. Anti-static suction hose
  4. Anti-static fittings
  5. Plastic trolley base
  6. Chicago 3/4"air coupling
  7. Stainless steel side latches
  8. Stainless steel tank

View SPAV and HEPA stainless steel vacuums

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