Vacuum pump reversible pump.

Reversible Air vacuum pump for spills - wet and dry 90 litre plastic tank and 70 litre stainless steel tank. Reverse pump out and explosion proof models. Reverse pumps are also known as two way vacuum pumps.

Pneumatic vacuum - reversible vacuum pump.

Grains, fuels, dusts, explosive powders, coal, oil, bilge, chemicals.

The 2013 model of the popular air powered spilll vacuum pump  - SPAV100, has finally been upgraded and now comes in 28 cfm (wet only), 48 cfm (wet and dry) and 100 cfm (wet and dry) and 180 cfm (wet and dry) models. This high powered and versatile air powered spill vacuum pump has reverse pump out to make emptying the tank as easy as turning a valve.

Made from hardened plastic or stainless steel tanks are both strong and light weight.


The SPAV vacuum pump reversible pump spill control air vacuum comes in 4 models. The low air 28 cfm model is for wet only and the 48 and 100 cfm models can do both wet and dry and the 180 cfm model is ultra high powered The twin venturis of the 48, 100 and 180  cfm models give this unit high power and high air flow in both wet and dry applications.


Inclusions with each model


90 litre poly tank pneumatic vac or 70 litre stainless steel tank


Silenced power head


Vacuum ball valve


Reverse pump ball valve


1/2” Chicago claw coupling


38mm chrome wand


38mmx450mm squeegee head


3 metres 38mm vac hose  (standard or anti-static depending on model)


38mm x450mm floor vac brush


38mm crevice tool


38mm round dusting brush


Reverse vac hose valve


Dry cloth filter bag & cage (Wet dry only)


Drain hose and valve






spav-100-90-litre-tank The 90 litre plastic tank model of the SPAV100 is a light weight and powerful Vacuum pump- reversible pump that can be used in both wet and dry applications and has reverse vacuum pump out capabilities.

The stainless steel tank version of the SPAV100SS can be configured as an explosion proof model with anti-static hose, stainless tank and anti-static fittings making this unit ideal for fuels, oils, diesel and grains and explosive dust and flour.

  • 70 litre stainless steel tank
  • Reverse pump out
  • Wet and dry
  • Tipping tank

Air operated Vacuum pump- reversible pump with no electrical components suitable for all explosion risk areas including Zones 1 and 2 (Gas) and 21 and 22 (Dust).

 auto-shut-off-spav100  Internal float balls allow automatic shutoff of vacuum when tank is full. These float valves can be removed quickly to insert the dry filter and cage.
 reverse-pump-out-spav100 The reverse pump out is a simple procedure. The unique design of this unit means the pressure is discharged through the exhaust and cannot over pressurise tank.
spav100ss-tipping The stainless steel tank can be unclipped and the waste tipped out. This process is usually for dry waste as the vacuum has a reverse pump out feature for fluids.

Solid air fittings give the unit strength and reliability in tough industrial and maritime environments. 

Vacuum pump- reversible pump

Explosion proof Vacuums


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