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Our Industrial vacuum pumps and explosion proof vacuum pumps, drum pumps and drum top vacuums are Australian made and supported. We design and build explosion proof vacuum pumps, industrial vacuums, drum pumps and drum vacuums that are air powered/pneumatic which provide a high degree of safety in hazardous industrial areas. Our explosion proof vacuum pumps are approved for use in Class I,II and III, divisions 1 and 2. All of our industrial air powered vacuum pumps that are designed to be explosion proof can be fitted with HEPA rated exhaust systems.

The highly versatile Drum Top Vacuum is a powerful wet and dry vacuum pump vacuum cleaner that can be used in many different industrial applications.


Spillrite also design and manufacture air powered drum pumps which are vacuum pumps.


Air operated vacuum pumps, drum pumps and drum vacuums with no electrical components suitable for all explosion risk areas including Zones 1 and 2 (Gas) and 21 and 22 (Dust).

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The Spillrite drum pump is the next generation of pneumatic drum vacuum pump made famous by the Vacteck Dragin vacuum pump. Spillrite now manufactures the dragin vacuum pump style of vacuum pump in a more robust and powerful model. With much less sound signature than the old Dragin pump the new Spillrite Drum Pump is a welcome addition to the range of air powered vacuums.