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Gutter Vacuum system

Gutter vacuum equipment and sales - commercial gutter vacuum systems

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The 580 Gutter vacuum is the latest from Spillrite Vacuums Australia. The Gutter vacuum 580 super sucker is a real industrial strength vacuum system based on the Super Sucker trucks. The gutter vacuum power unit is a roots style blower vacuum powered by either a Vanguard 22 HP or Honda 20 HP petrol motor. This industrial power system produces so much raw power that it can easily handle hose lengths of 80,90 and 100 metres without losing its suction.


This system is not some hyped up electric vacuum but the real deal. Powered by a 580 cfm roots blower and Honda petrol motor, it delivers massive vacuum and huge water lift. Many super sucker vacuum trucks operate roots blowers from 300-450 cfm. This unit is a huge 560 cfm which means you can get enormous vacuum strength when the petrol motor is running at half speed. This will save your petrol and still give jaw dropping performance.


This also means you can do far more than gutters. The applications are limitless for this industrial strength wet and dry vacuum unit.





The Gutter Vacuum 580 Super Sucker comes in several different configurations. The standard gutter tank has a 200 litre capacity but this can be upgraded to 300, 500, 700 or 1000 litres.

The standard hose length with the unit is 40 metres of 65m and another 20 metres of 50mm suction hose. A total of 60 metres of high quality vacuum suction hose. 

A full range of tools and accessories can be supplied with each unit.


gutter vacuum 580 easily fits into a small box trailer or ute


gutter vacuum 580 can use super long hose lengths without losing suction power


gutter vacuum 580 has industrial and contractor grade components 


gutter vacuum 580 can utilise a tank that can be upgraded, enlarged and modified as needed



it has a simple wet and dry vac system design that works 


it has the kind of power to suck sludge and debris from 4 metre pits 


Spillrite can supply extras to do factory and warehouse cleaning 


gutter vacuum 580 is the kind of system that will last for 10 years with minimum maintenance 








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